About Yeas & Nays

I wanted to create a website that helps non-political people know the most important bills working their way through congress. You are busy, working and living life with your children. However, it really is important that you get involved when your voice is most needed.  Yeas and Nays will only have bills that are going to be close (and a call to your legislature could sway the vote), firearm legislation, or totally ridiculous bills that you should know about. You will not find all bills here and you might not find bills here that are on topics you're interested in - there are tons of websites that do these things. I hope this site will be helpful for you. I would also love for you to check out my blog, an election calendar, and important elections happening across the country.

Important Bills in the United States House of Representatives

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Important Bills in the United States Senate

The Members of the 117th Congress

We need your help to make sure we have the latest stance for our elected officials. Please share if you have seen or heard a statement from one of the members we are tracking on the issue we're tracking. Insert the link below and hit submit. Only official government websites, social network urls, and known news urls will be viewed. 

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